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We are your source for your Probate matters in Long Beach and the surrounding Southern California communities.

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time, and the legal matters that arise during that time should be handled with sensitivity and care. At Long Beach Probate, we are here to make sure the process moves forward as smoothly as possible, allowing you and your family to grieve for the passing of your loved one.

Probate & Trust


The process of estate administration includes taking possession and control of estate assets, filing an inventory of the assets, paying the debts of the decedent, filing tax returns, and filing accountings itemizing and documenting all receipts, disbursements, and distributions of the assets. We handle all aspects of estate administration, employing professionals with a wide range of expertise.

Asset Transfer


All assets held by the decedent at the time of his or her passing must be transferred to the estate, a trust, or an individual beneficiary. The paperwork involved and the complexity of the transfer depends on the type of asset to be transferred. We can assist you with estate-related transfers andtransferring assets from the surviving spouse’s estate to their trusts for estate planning purposes.

Estate Planning

For Survivors

Inherent in the process of estate planning for survivors is the modification of beneficiary designations on retirement accounts, pensions, and life insurance policies, as well as the re-titling of assets into the name of any trust created as a result of the estate planning. We have vast experience with estate planning for those survivors and the preservation of assets for future generations.

Retirement Account


If the decedent named a beneficiary on the retirement account, those proceeds pass outside of the probate proceedings. If the estate is the named beneficiary or no beneficiary is designated, the retirement account is subject to probate. As administrators, we prepare retirement account claims on behalf of beneficiaries or the estate, ensuring that funds are properly transferred.